What ?

LikeBox is a device to collect attendees feedback after a conference / meeting. As a conference organizer, BreizhCamp team had to collect metrics on talks and how it was perceived by public. Need to know about popular speakers, favorite topics, so we can make better decision on next event when building the event program.


LikeBox isn't a webapp or mobile app, but a dedicated physical device, to make it obvious about its usage and get people actually use it. Main issue with voting boxes is to handle a large number of people leaving conference room at same time to switch to the next talk. If the voting system slow them down, only a few percent will actually vote.

Know facebook ? LikeBox is comparable. Either you like, or you dislike - green or red. No 5 levels staring system that require you to stop, thing twice, then vote, and get the dozen attendees next to you to skip the vote process. But compared to facebook, we won't resell your opinion for adds, it's fully anonymous - you just hit a button ! Duplicates ? Sure, people can vote 3 time if they wish, assuming nobody is behind them waiting to leave the conference room and they were so happy by the talk that they can stay here waiting for the box to unlock after a small delay for the next vote. Also, if the talk was really awesome and more people do the same, this also is an information we want to know. More +1 than attendees is a huge signal of popularity !


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